PHILIP STEIN Unisex Slim Sleep Bracelet - Silver

PHILIP STEIN Unisex Slim Sleep Bracelet - Silver


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Designed to help wearers sleep well and wake up with more energy to seize the day, Philip Stein Sleep Bracelets use Natural Frequency Technology to better tune your body to natural energy associated with sleep and restfulness. Better Sleep Bracelets
Fall asleep faster, sleep deeper and wake up refreshed with Philip Stein Sleep Bracelets.

Recent studies have shown that wearing the Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet regularly can:

  • Improve Deep Sleep
  • Improve Length of Sleep
  • Improve Mood and Productivity
  • Improve Overall Sleep Quality

Sleep is crucial to our health and overall wellbeing. Improving the quality of your sleep will also improve your mental and physical performance everyday.

The innovative Sleep Bracelet (which do not require power or batteries) comes with a smooth pajama strap made of an ultra soft microfiber for your total comfort and with perforated holes to let your skin breathe at night. Simply put it on 15-20 minutes before taking a nap or going to sleep and start feeling all the benefits of deep restfulness.

The Natural Frequency Technology disc within the Sleep Bracelet can help wearers reduce the negative effects of jet lag, like fatigue or dizziness.